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MAREA CU SAREA a project by Stefano Saletti
"We speak Sabir. Once upon a time there was a tongue shared by the peoples of the Mediterranean.This was Sabir, a lingua franca which sailors, pirates, fishermen, merchants, ship-owners used in the ports to communicate with each other. From Genoa to Tangiers, from Salonika to Istanbul, from Marseilles to Algiers, from Valencia to Palermo, until the early decades of the twentieth century this kind of sea-faring “Esperanto” developed little by little availing of terms from Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic. We like this language. We like to mix sounds and words. We play Sabir. We sing Sabir."

fonte http://www.stefanosaletti.it/schede/corpocomunicatomarea.htm


Anonymous Brian Barker said...

Your ironic comment about "Esperanto" was very interesting, but it may lead to conclusion that this language is not a living language?

In order to put the record straight may I suggest http://www.lernu.net

09 agosto, 2008 16:56  

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